Meaningful Use Program Management (MUPM)

The MUPM engagements are 12 -18 months in duration and include three phases.  Phase 1 identifies all required remediation and organizes the necessary action steps into projects and a roadmap based on the adjusted Meaningful Use timeline.  In addition, a high level economic summary is developed based on the cost of the projected remediation.  The second phase provides for the development of an executable workplan from the updated roadmap.  The final phase focuses on Meaningful Use support and oversight that includes monitoring all associated projects, providing ongoing education and regulatory/policy updates, coaching and providing guidance for executive and project leadership, assisting in CMS incentive registration and planning and supporting the attestation process. 

The engagement objectives are to assist the Client in complying with the “meaningful use” criteria within its projected timeframes by facilitating the ongoing activities required for attainment, identifying decisions to be made and potential impacts of those decisions on attainment, recommending the appropriate governance structure and staffing requirements and providing ongoing education and support to all Client stakeholders.