MU Readiness Assessment & Roadmap Development

Avery Partners Healthcare has significant experience in this service gained over the last 36 months. The assessment identifies and determines the readiness of the hospital to meet each specific Meaningful Use criteria in the allotted timeframe for Stage 1 based on the CMS Final Rule published on July 13, 2010, as well as the projected Stage 2 and 3 requirements and all subsequent updates and clarifications. 

In addition Avery Partners Healthcare assists the hospital in defining a specific course of remedial action and organizing that into a Roadmap that identifies each required project along with its sequence, timing and estimated costs.  The final deliverable includes an Economic Summary that will compare the overall cost of compliance with the hospital’s potential HITECH incentives as well as penalties.

 Understanding and identifying the gaps in achieving Meaningful Use is a must for all hospitals when putting a plan together.  A detailed Meaningful Use Assessment is an essential first step. Avery Partners Healthcare can also include the appropriate Eligible Professionals practices in the engagement. This engagement is usually done over an 8 – 10 week timeframe.