Physician Alignment and Adoption Services

Medical informatics is very much a social science…The success of a project is 80% dependent on the development of social and political interaction skills and 20% or less on the implementation of the hardware and software technology!”  Reed Gardner, Intermountain Healthcare.

This can’t be overstated when it comes to physician alignment and adoption which is arguably the most critical success factor in attaining Meaningful Use and preparing the organization for health reform.  The services include an initial readiness assessment performed prior to the actual technology installation to support CPOE, clinical documentation and clinical decision support workflow.  The assessment determines the scope, approach and plan for physician alignment and adoption.  Follow on services provided by Avery Partners Healthcare include roadmap development and implementation focusing on the organization culture, structure, stakeholders, leadership and technology.

The key to physician alignment and adoption is to structure activities that engage and support physician groups in a process of understanding the clinical technology capabilities, establishing expectations about the impact on their practices, addressing fears of transition, performance and autonomy and designing the clinical software and corresponding workflows to ensure acceptance and positively influence their activities in providing patient care, running their practices and managing their time.  These services range from 2 weeks to 6 months or more.