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We offer recruitment services through your growth cycle, job service support to displaced talent, and consulting and staffing evaluation and recommendations for restructuring your employees during any phase of your organization’s transition. We believe it is important to constantly be evaluating your employee’s goals, as well as their satisfaction and long term career objectives, to ensure that they are aligned with those of your organization.

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Avery Partners Healthcare provides expertise from over 20 years of direct Hospital and Physician experience. We provide outsourcing for your clinical services personnel including Locum Tenens, Travelers, Temporary or Direct Hire.

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Avery Partners provides a suite of business services specifically aligned with the unique requirements of Healthcare providers. We have national capabilities and years of experience solving problems for our clients. We can reduce cost, eliminate hassle, increase service levels and add value to each area of your business.

Whether you need us to take on a project, outsource completely or just add the right people to your team, our focus is always on helping you reach your goals.

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Dental Staffing

Build a Better Team with DDS

DDS Staffing is now servicing the states of Georgia and Florida. Our commitment to excellence and our passion for the industry is evident in the quality of service we provide. From administrative dental professionals to dentists, our extensive network allows us to meet all your staffing needs.

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 Avery Partners’ dedicated team of industry experts and IT professionals work closely with our clients to define measurable and specific objectives to keep projects on time and on budget. Our goal is to partner with our clients to achieve alignment between the needs of the business and realities of corporate budgets and delivery time lines.

Executive Search & Management Talent

Going Beyond Talent Acquisition

We are a partner to help you define, align and place either new talent, temporary talent or existing talent in positions that meet your organizational needs, and capitalize on the strengths of those employees.

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Administrative Capabilities

Benefits of Working with Avery Partners

Avery offers a unique blend of solutions in employment, business office, technology, executive, and other services. Our goal is to develop and train a team who competently and efficiently handles all the needs and requirements of our client. We can provide staffing, as well as technical support, data conversion, project management, and fulfill other areas of need as determined. We can provide turn-key solutions including support/maintenance, staffing, and other service/business functions.

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Established in 2004, Avery Partners was founded by staffing industry veteran Jeff Moore. Avery Partners supplies world class Consulting, Outsourcing and Staffing services across multiple industries. Our recruiters are experts in their fields and deliver 2nd to none services for our clients. Avery Partners provides services to private businesses, professional organizations and government agencies nationwide.  We have proven track records and are known for quality results.  The ability to rapidly understand our clients’ business and working environment complements our ability to match talented resources with client resource requirements.

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Our Recruitment Process is Second to None

Avery Partners’ services philosophy is to provide business-driven information and customer service through exceptional talent-screening practices.  We use a 5-step recruiting methodology to maintain the highest standards of delivering quality services and talent.

Position Analysis Questionnaire
First, a candidate’s resume is compared against a Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ).  A PAQ is a position specific Avery Partners document that describes each position in terms of the requirements and attributes, such as, formal education, related experience, and skills.
Personality Appraisal Exam
Second, we ask a candidate to take an Avery Partners personality appraisal exam.  The test examines the candidate’s overall strengths and weaknesses enabling us to select candidates best suited to succeed in the designated job assignments. It is Avery Partners experience that our recruit-to-hire ratio is ten to one.
3 Interview Screenings
Third, Avery Partners invites a prospective employee for at least three interviews.  The first occurs with a recruiting manager.  The second occurs with the account manager.  The third will occur with the hiring manager.
Skills Assessment Test
Fourth, we require each candidate to take an Avery Partners created written and oral skills assessment test, which enables us to assess a prospect’s written and verbal communication skills.
General Skill and Personal Attributes Exam
Finally, if both Avery Partners and a prospect agree there is a mutual interest, we ask each prospect to take a general skill and personal attributes exam.  The results are compared to a database that has been populated with the profiles of individuals who have been successful in various Avery Partners positions. This helps us evaluate each candidate’s potential for success as an Avery Partners employee.


Kathleen R.
I placed my resume out on and when Frankie called, right off the bat he told me that what he liked about my resume was the longevity in my work history. (I had been at my previous job almost twelve years before the work ran out and I had to put myself out in the market.) I was so relieved because I had begun to think that staying loyal to a work place was not what anyone was looking for. When I went in to Avery and met with him, he was upbeat and positive. We discussed the job market; my work history; life; etc., and he told me that he had the job for me. I left feeling great about my prospects. After setting me up with an interview at JTS Health Partners, Frankie sent tips and advice, and followed up on how things were going on the temporary assignment. On the day I received an offer for a permanent place with JTS, I emailed to let Frankie know how excited I was, and to thank him for all his work and help in making the job search process a positive experience.