Avery Partners is able to cross-utilize our IT experience by providing complete IT Outsourcing services.

Our clients are able to leverage Avery’s industry experience and capacity allowing for reduced costs, freeing up of talented internal team members for new projects, and overall accelerated growth.

Avery Partners Qualifications & Capabilities

• 24 Years of Support Experience

• On-Site and Off-Site CCR’s

• Over 30 Dedicated Recruiters

• Internal Database of over 30,000 Pre-Screened Candidates

• Proven Recruitment and Retention Processes

• Human Resources Best Practices

• Innovative Technology Systems

• 1st Class Employee Benefits

• Employee Retention Programs

• Employee Career Development Programs

Avery Partners’ Workforce Management Options


Help Desk Outsourcing

Our IT Help Desk Call center is designed specifically for those companies who wish to have a simple, economical and easy way to gain technical support for the computers in their business.

IT Help desk Services Include:

• Virus and Spyware Removal

• Security and Performance Management

• Computer and Server Tune-Up Management

• Computer and Server Set-up

• Software Technical Support Troubleshooting

• Backup/Recovery Management

• Software Installation/Removal

• Computer/Server Monitoring

Our IT Help desk services provide technical support for any software solution and are available for computers running any of the following operating systems:

• Windows XP Home, Professional

• Windows Vista Basic, Home Professional, Business and Ultimate

• Windows 7 Home, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise

• Windows 8 Home, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise

• Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2008 R2

• Apple OS X

Third Party Support Outsourcing

Avery Partners’ Third Party Support programs revolve around an understanding of our customer’s business and leveraging our expertise across the IT spectrum. Each solution is custom developed and Avery’s team is specifically trained on our customer’s products and services in order to properly handle support issues. Because each ticket is documented and tracked, Avery’s Third Party Support services are able to offer our clients unique business intelligence metrics into the success of their products.

By placing customer support into Avery’s trusted hands, our customers are able to focus on growing their business and new product development.

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