How to use this form:

Please complete these forms completely and to the best of your ability. Apologies in advance for the redundancies, what can we say – they’re tax forms. Note that the W-4 is different now, and we cannot accept old versions of it.  This will replace ANY current payroll information that you have on file with the company. YOU WILL NEED TO SEND IN A VOIDED CHECK IF YOU WOULD LIKE DIRECT DEPOSIT.

You may use the tab button to move through the document, but it will not tab into any field that is a drop down.  You can click the [NEXT] button at the bottom to move through the fields or just click the field itself.  Also, ALL red fields are required, green fields are optional.

Thank you in advance for completing this in a timely fashion.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.*

Avery Partners Corporate HR

*Avery Partners does not offer tax advice in how one can or should complete tax forms, per federal guidelines.

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