Operating a small business that works on federal government contracts can be challenging – especially during the recent sequestration. However, the opinion of Jeff Bowler, our Director of Government Contracts, may be worth considering: “In short, it will be a benefit to the tax-paying public and all American small businesses over the long term.  Right now, the situation can easily be viewed differently and I can strongly attest to the fact that we have felt an immediate deep negative impact from the events surrounding the recent sequestration.

Our employees and those of our small business clients working on government contracts have lost work hours and had job offers put on hold or even pulled. However, I expect this short term set back will provide the impetus for more positive returns for small businesses and our employees over the long run. The government has finally caught up to the effects of the recession that have been felt in commercial industries for the last several years. During that time, it seemed government ran as normal and did not feel or respond to the economic crunch.

Now the wakeup call and companies like Avery Partners will benefit due to the fact that those government representatives making decisions on contracts will more closely scrutinize the cost for services. With lower overhead and profit margins, quality small businesses are in a great position to be part of the solution to today’s government funding crisis. Simply put, small businesses  can provide similar or even better services than the large integrators who currently have a majority share of government related business –  and we can do so for a lower cost.

We are the solution – and I now expect that we will finally receive more consideration than we have in the past. The current belt tightening is not a concern. American Small Businesses,  and those we employ, are a very hearty bunch with key survival instincts that will be rewarded in the long run – this time, thanks to the sequestration, and all Americans will be better off for it.”