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on Greenway’s PrimeSUITE®


If your personnel would benefit from additional training on Greenway PrimeSUITE® without spending a fortune, Avery Partners Healthcare has good news for you.

We offer a 4-day PrimeSUITE® training program. The first two days cover PrimePRACTICE and the next two days cover PrimeCHART.

Rather than having a trainer come to your office, we have selected a location that is convenient for most practices in your area. That means the cost of providing the training is spread over several practices.

PrimeSuite® Training 

Greenway’s PrimeSuite® is a robust product that can bring value to your practice. If you think you would benefit from additional training or you need help with templates, reports, billing or any of the many other features that Greenway offers, we can help you.
We can provide you with additional training either on-line (remote, internet based) or on-site with our PrimeSuite® certified trainers. If you have brought on new personnel or expanding your practice or just need to take it to the next level, please let us know.

greenway-3Below is a list of upcoming training programs. Click on the desired location to register for the event.

  • Certified Greenway Trainers
  • Small Classes
  • Focus on Results
  • Learn shortcuts and how to be more efficient
  • Attendees will love to share what they’ve learned
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Training Locations:

Nashville, TN – April 7-9, 2015:
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