I am pleased to write a review for Frankie. – I had my resume uploaded on indeed where Frankie found my resume and reached out to me to talk more about the job. It was my very first time working with an agency and I have to say that my work experience with Frankie has been nothing but TOP NOTCH. Frankie not only placed me at a very nice consulting company but he also made sure that it was close to me to avoid long commute and crazy ATL traffic. He is very patient and more importantly he understands others needs and he does his best to find a job that meets his candidate needs. I’ve always heard from other people how most recruiters don’t follow up once they place you somewhere but I didn’t experience that issue with Frankie. He always followed up via emails/phone and made sure I was comfortable and happy. He followed up couple of times even after I went perm which he didn’t have to do but he did. Frankie is not only a great recruiter but a great mentor too. I would definitely recommend him to other people.