I placed my resume out on Indeed.com and when Frankie called, right off the bat he told me that what he liked about my resume was the longevity in my work history. (I had been at my previous job almost twelve years before the work ran out and I had to put myself out in the market.) I was so relieved because I had begun to think that staying loyal to a work place was not what anyone was looking for. When I went in to Avery and met with him, he was upbeat and positive. We discussed the job market; my work history; life; etc., and he told me that he had the job for me. I left feeling great about my prospects. After setting me up with an interview at JTS Health Partners, Frankie sent tips and advice, and followed up on how things were going on the temporary assignment. On the day I received an offer for a permanent place with JTS, I emailed to let Frankie know how excited I was, and to thank him for all his work and help in making the job search process a positive experience.