In Dr. Elias Porter’s Relationship Awareness theory he explains;
“Our personal strengths, if over applied, can be perceived by others as weaknesses even if coming from a positive motivation. “
For me perseverance can be one of my overdone strengths.  Much of my self-worth has been centered on my own ability to overcome obstacles and challenges in life both professionally and personally. My perseverance is a strength in the sense that I will fight for what I believe is right with passion.
It is overdone when I hold steadfast to my notion of what is right even if it would be more prudent to choose another path or change my own perspective. In these times I can be perceived by my family, team and clients as being stubborn.
What strengths do you have that if you over do them could be perceived as weaknesses?
Who in your team has great abilities but tend to over apply their strengths in a way that causes conflict?
How can understanding the concept of over-done strengths improve how you lead and your team works together?

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