Avery Partners has launched a work program aimed at helping Wounded Warriors get back into the workforce. The objective of the Avery Partners Wounded Warrior back to work program is to put 200+ Wounded Warriors back to work in 2012. Most of the warriors have some type of disability that we accommodate so they can work and be a productive part of our society. Some of them are home bound and need a remote job and others are able to get around quite well and can come into the place of work. 

Here at Avery we have been asking our clients and vendors to participate in this program by hiring a few warriors and helping us reach our goal of 200+ jobs filled by the end of 2012. We have administrative, customer service, technical support, healthcare etc.. available and just about any other skill you might need. 

If you have ever hired veterans before you probably already know they make great employees, they are smart, punctual and dedicated and they outperform most of our staff. Please visit the web site: http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/ and join. 

How it works:

 We handle everything you just supply the job opportunity.

Contact Jeff or Kent with your need and we supply you with top notch candidates to interview.

Avery handles all recruiting, payroll, insurance benefits etc…

You get one monthly bill (rates vary depending on job and pay)