Avery Partners believes that the employee life cycle is extremely important to understand for recruitment, retention, and employee satisfaction of any company.

It is important for us, not to simply be a recruiting firm, but a partner in your employee life cycle.


Whether your company is going through growth, downsizing, restructuring or maintenance, we provide an array of services to see you through each phase of your organization’s history.

We offer recruitment services through your growth cycle, job service support to displaced talent, and consulting and staffing evaluation and recommendations for restructuring your employees during any phase of your organization’s transition. We believe it is important to constantly be evaluating your employee’s goals, as well as their satisfaction and long term career objectives, to ensure that they are aligned with those of your organization.

We are a partner to help you define, align and place either new talent, temporary talent or existing talent in positions that meet your organizational needs, and capitalize on the strengths of those employees.

Our process evaluates the employee life cycle: hiring process, evaluation process, promotions and longevity of key talent in your organization, and realigns those processes to ensure satisfaction and success for all parties involved.

Our Relationship Awareness © and our proprietary Accomplishment Culture © workshops, developed my Marion S. Karr, Regional Vice President and senior healthcare partner,  in conjunction with Personal Strengths Publishing (www.personalstrengths.com) , help create an environment within a team where the newly acquired talent can assimilate into an existing team in a more productive and meaningful, and timely manner.

We, then, are able to support you during your organization’s transitions by understanding your company culture and employee life cycle, and meet your needs for continual success and growth.



Evaluating, aligning and placing people where they will be most successful within your organization.


Coaching leadership and stakeholders through the talent acquisition process.


Providing additional staff when needed on an interim basis.


Sourcing the talent that will add value to your organization in the long term.


Developing strong, cohesive teams through Relationship Awareness© and Accomplishment Culture© on-boarding workshops