Through Avery Partners’ vast network of talent, we can assist your organization in acquiring interim staff for those critical times when a permanent hire is not the ideal solution or the most cost-effective approach.

Avery Partners will profile your staffing needs and put together a customized interim solution to best solve the challenges facing your business. Unlike traditional interim staffing firms, we will employ the same techniques to identify, screen, and match talent to your specific situation that are used in our permanent placement process. Through this approach, we will seek out specific individuals who can bring the best value to your organization in these interim roles, throughout all levels of your organization.

Avery Partners Talent Addition Process includes:

  • Profiling of position(s) requirements, challenges, and specific skill-sets needed.
  • Creating a customized recruiting and execution plan.
  • Identifying potential qualified and available talent.
  • Scheduling interviews between client and talent identified.
  • Brokering the financial relationship between client and talent selected.
  • Weekly follow-up with client and talent throughout period of engagement.

Temporary to Full Time Conversion Option:

Clients may decide to convert the relationship with the engaged interim talent to full-time employment. Avery Partners will assist you in negotiating the appropriate and acceptable compensation with the individual being hired, and coordinate the transition from interim to full-time. All interim brokerage fees would be applied to an annualized full-time placement conversion fee and negotiated on an individual project/hire basis. Any interim candidate hired by the client within one year of the last day of their individual interim assignment, would be subject to a conversion fee.