Avery Partners can assist your organization in sourcing permanent talent if there is a need in a key, critical position. Our team of consultants has, collectively, nearly 60 years of experience in executive recruitment.

These years of experience, and the vast network of talent that it has provided, allows us to accurately identify, screen, and match talent to your specific situation. Our goal is to find the talent that can bring the most value to your organization and its unique needs.

Permanent acquisition searches are customizable to your organization’s specific needs. All searches for key critical positions include the following:

  • Profiling of position(s) requirements, challenges, and specific skill-sets needed.
  • Profiling of organizational fit needs and matching criteria.
  • Creating a customized recruiting and execution plan.
  • Identifying potential qualified, available, and motivated talent.
  • Candidate presentation, which includes references and degree verification.
  • Scheduling interviews between client and talent identified.
  • Candidate relocation, resignation, and position evaluation counseling.
  • Brokering the offer between client and talent selected.
  • Offer presentation and assistance with acceptance.
  • After-hire follow-up with both the client and the candidate hired for the first year.