Avery Partners has developed several workshops that will empower your team members to perform at a higher level, and bring more value to your organization.

Team Enhancement Workshops:

Our background in management and executive recruitment has provided a wealth of knowledge that is brought to the table in these workshops. We will teach your employees how to focus on their individual contributions to the ultimate goals of your organization, and how they can add value to your organization through both everyday tasks, and in new ways they never thought possible.

Below you will find an overview of the Team Enhancement Workshops:

1. Planning for Success:

Creating a Value Focused and Accomplishment Driven Work Environment

Is there a team in your organization that you would like to perform at a higher level? Would you like the individuals on this team to contribute to the overall mission of your organization at the level that you desire?

Avery Partners has developed the “Planning for Success” workshop to change this situation in a positive way. This workshop consists of:

  • A four-hour workshop done on-site with any department, division, or group within your company that focuses on building, in every team member, a sense of value to the overall success of the organization.
  • Helping each member of the team visualize how their daily efforts impact the company’s performance in a way that instills ownership in that success.
  • The “payoff” to each team member comes through a better sense of accomplishment, potentially better performance reviews, a more robust accomplishment list to build upon for future promotion, and an increased probability of job security by making themselves more valuable to the employer.
  • The employer’s benefit comes from having a department that is all on the same page related to goal achievement, having a staff that is “accomplishment driven” as opposed to “job description fulfillment centered”, and a better understanding of the value each team member brings to the table.
  • Along with all of this, the workshop, ultimately, assists the Department Manager/Director in creating a departmental/divisional “Accomplishment Journal” that is geared toward achieving the goals set forth by the organization for the coming year and helps establish the foundation for planning for that success.

2. Moving From Tactical Recruiter to Talent Acquisition Consultant

Avery Partners can take your organization’s in-house recruitment or human resources team from being tactical “job fillers” to knowledgeable “in-house consultants” who will have a bigger impact on the overall performance of your organization.

During this four-hour workshop, the team will learn:

  • Why it is important to view job openings as a problem to be solved and not just a slot to be filled.
  • How to understand the needs of the “client” hiring managers and departments so that talent matching is optimized for the best fit.
  • How to visualize each step of the process so that it can be an opportunity to add value through a consultative approach.
  • How to have a deeper impact on the overall success of the organization through a better understanding of the needs of that organization as it relates to talent acquisition.
  • How to develop a “Value Focused and Accomplishment Driven” approach to recruitment.

Avery Partners can quickly and effectively improve your company’s overall performance with these workshops, using techniques that have been acquired through years of experience. Whether you choose to combine one or both of these workshops with our other company performance enhancing services, or use them as a stand-alone supplement to improving your company’s performance, we are confident that you will find tremendous value in the results they will provide.